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Who we are

In Motion Physical Therapy is a clinical  environment that strives to be the leader in 1-on-1 private physical therapy care and  performance. We believe in forming a close  partnership between client and physical  therapist. We work to empower, drive, and care  for our patients while helping them reach their  most strived for goals. 

Sports Injury

What we do

At In Motion Physical Therapy, we live by our  purpose of alleviating pain, reducing risk of  injury, strengthening muscles and joints, and  improving overall physical function. This  purpose transcends all areas including sports,  occupations, and recreational activities. Our  goal is to ensure that every client can achieve  a pain free lifestyle and optimal performance. 


Dr. John Besharse, PT, DPT, VRT, FMS-1, CERT. DN holds a  Doctorate of Physical Therapy from Arkansas State  University.  He completed specialized training and is certified in the one80system. He uses a test, treat, re-test approach on each treatment session to determine the proper course of action in achieving maximal results with each patient. John has had extensive training in various specialties to include functional movement screening, dry needling,  kinesiotaping, soft tissue mobilization, vestibular  dysfunctions, and manual therapy of the spine. John's  experience and former patients have motivated him to build intensive therapy methods that promote long term healing and patient prosperity. 

Meet the PT

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