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Sports Recovery & Wellness

Optimizing Athletic Performance

Running Recovery

IMPT believes in being proactive about your body instead of reactive. Recovery services are beneficial for fast track tissue healing, pre and post run recovery, and improved mobility. 

Individuals who benefit from recovery services include frequent gym goers, runners training for competition, and individuals whose career require long hours of sitting or standing. 

Our recovery services include Normateck Compression therapy, Hypervolt Percussion therapy, active stretching at the hands of a physical therapist, and educational information needed to maintain a healthy lifestyle. 

Sports Specific Injury Prevention/Training

These programs will help reduce risk of injury, provide optimal sport specific strength, and increase mobility tailored to your sport or hobby. 

We are specifically trained in biomechanics and movement science. Basically, we are your consultant to help optimize your performance and achieve your fitness goals. 

Most importantly, the education you receive during these sessions regarding how your body functions and ways to reduce injury is knowledge you will always lean on in the future. 


Sport Specific Mobility & Training:

45 minute sessions at $75


   Running Recovery:

30 minute sessions at $45

45 minute sessions at $65

60 minute sessions at $85

Our Facility

Our new and improved facility with state of the art equipment allows us to adequately treat athletes, taking them through programs that address agility, balance, coordination, and sport specific movements. Athletes will not leave INMOTION without 100% confidence in their ability to perform their best on the court, field, or track! 

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