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Words from Our Patients

This is our "why." Thank you to all of our amazing patients who have made In Motion PT so successful.

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Kristi Waddell

"I have experienced back pain the past 5 or more years, and it had recently gotten worse. I made an appointment with John at IMPT. He spent a long time with me at the first appointment addressing my movements and habits and giving me some exercises. I called him a month later still dealing with pain, bringing an x-ray with me too. He found the issue, gave me new exercises, and instructed me on some things I was doing wrong. Now, I am SO much better! I highly recommend John for any pains you're dealing with! Just 2 appointments, and I'm doing way better!"

Jeff "Snap" Rutherford

"I'm a 48-year-old power lifter. I was scaling down body weight around six months ago, but my right leg and lower back began giving me all kinds of trouble. Pain was so severe that I couldn't put my socks and shoes on my right foot! Needless to say, I tried everything, and I mean everything, with no success. I was tired, angry, and low on money when my friend from the gym recommended John Besharse of InMotion Physical Therapy. After only one session, my pain down my right leg was gone, alongside my quad pains! John showed me some simple stretches, and it was life changing! I would recommend IMPT to other lifters and other athletes having pain!"

Sheila Hellman, D.O., M.Ed.

"Dr. John Besharse at In Motion Physical Therapy has earned a 5/5 rating in my experience as his patient. In the spring of 2022, I experienced dizziness from vestibular disturbance which he corrected on my first visit. After that, we agreed to work on issues of knee pain, loss of balance, and reduction of strength and endurance which had accumulated as a result of age and cancer treatment. Over 20 scheduled office visits, Dr. Besharse conducted individualized evaluations and exercise activities, as well as gave me recommended exercises to work at home. Benefits of my care have included resolution of knee pain and improved strength and endurance of legs and core muscles. I now regularly walk 2 to 3 miles comfortably for exercise, safely climb stairs, and can climb a ladder. At the end of our time working together, Dr. Besharse helped me set up a home program of activities and exercises to maintain and continue my progress. I have had an excellent outcome from physical therapy at IMPT. I strongly recommend Dr. Besharse for thorough, effectice treatment. 


"John did an amazing job! I went to him because I was having some pain in the left side of my lower back that was interfering with yoga and my workouts. John was very thorough in evaluating what caused my back pain so he could accurately treat it. He was very professional and knowledgeable. After some mobilizations and stretching for my back, he also addressed some muscle soreness in my leg using percussion therapy. When I left his office, I was pain free and felt great! I would highly recommend IMPT if you have ANY muscle/joint pain!"


"I was referred to physical therapy because of a knee problem. I couldn't squat or perform a leg lunge due to sharp knee pain. In general, bending my knees was a huge problem. John provided me with specific exercises for my knee and leg before I saw him for the evaluation. After the full evaluation, he began to use dry needling, which I was hesitant about at first, but after 3 sessions, my problems have improved a lot! John educated me on correcting my posture and applied it to my squats and lunges. I've definitely improved 85% in just 4 sessions, and I'd definitely recommend Dr. John Besharse as a go-to PT!"


"For the past 10 months, I've struggled with plantar fasciitis in both of my feet. Doctor visits, steroid injections, therapy, creams, and new shoes have all attempted to but never truly conquered my condition. There's been a relief; however, it's still a struggle for my 5-day-a-week job. Speaking with John one day, he suggested I try dry needling alongside certain targeted exercises at IMPT. I will say, I was skeptical, but I went ahead and gave it a try.
The difference in the pain level is incredible! I've gone from a 5 to 7 to absolutely NO pain in just 3 sessions! I highly recommend giving his practice a try if you've been struggling like I have."

"John is awesome! After two doctor visits, I was sent to PT. After two weeks of the PT with no relief, I went to John on a Thursday. He spent more time evaluating than both the doctors and PT crew combined. He wanted me to try a stretch as a research project to see if my diagnosis was correct. After six weeks and no relief, we got together and he responded that he didn't think I had Piriformis syndrome, but that my pain was from my lower back. I was instructed to perform stretches as often as possible throughout the day and there should be a gradual decline in pain. After just three weeks of those prescribed stretches I felt 50-70 percent better. I highly recommend that anyone dealing with chronic pain to give John a visit! You can tell he cares about the people he treats and truly wants them to get better."


"After a month of her suffering with right leg pain through activity, I took my 13-year-old daughter to see John at IMPT. He was so kind and patient with her during the thorough evaluation. He decided to perform dry needling on the problem area, and she was able to run a mile before leaving the clinic that day with minimal pain! He offered her very encouraging words, advice, and exercises for her continued success in sports. She's on a home exercise plan daily and is still without pain! Thank you John!"

"I was battling Achilles Tendonitis for over 5 months. I had been to a podiatrist many times, and he gave me an option of PT or the boot. At the time, I chose the boot treatment, which helped, but once I would stop wearing it, the pain would come back overtime. I wanted to get back to exercising, but my foot pain was keeping me from walking/jogging and was even affecting my everyday life. When I mentioned the pain being back in a family group message, my sister-in-law recommended John Besharse and IMPT. I was to the point that I had nothing to lose, so I went to John. He explained dry needling and the benefits, so in my first visit, I did it. After that visit, which also was accompanied with exercises, my pain level dropped! It took 8 sessions, and I'm now back to 100%! I was skeptical of the dry needling and just basic PT in general, but I'm now a believer in both because I'm pain free! I can't recommend John and IMPT enough."


"The first time I met with John, I had been suffering from tennis elbow (tendonitis) for months. I tried to rest as much as I could for a year, creams, a brace, icing, heating, ibuprofen, you name it, but I was still in pain. I was skeptical at first because I was uneducated about how dry needling worked.
John not only relieved the pain over six sessions, but he educated me. I learned exercises and how to continue weight training without further injuring my arm. John helped my daughter with a dance team injury. He also helped me with some neck and back pain by teaching me exercises to eliminate discomfort.
I'd highly recommend IMPT for all your PT needs! John is educated, kind, patient and overall a wonderful guy who truly cares about his patients."

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