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Physical Therapy

Our evidence based approach to optimize life performance. 


Utilizing a one on one patient to therapist ratio, Dr. John Besharse will have you in motion and back to performing your favorite activities with reduced pain, increased strength, and improved range of motion. By placing an athletic emphasis on our patient base, we are constantly evolving by adding new techniques to our tool belt including ultrasound technology and the one80system. Dr. John Besharse is one of two clinicians in the state of Arkansas certified in the one80system which uses a test-retest approach to ensure 100% improvement. 

Dr. John also offers Telehealth appointments to meet your physical therapy needs virtually. Using our app, you can access rehab and performance coaching from anywhere in the world. Whether it's a new injury, one that comes and goes, or a more permanent pain, we can meet you anywhere you are to begin your recovery process. 

Session Features

Your sessions at INMOTION Physical Therapy will include the features below to improve your patient experience.

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